by Natasha N. Deonarain, MD, MBA
In Part I, I shared with you the A’s of learning how to Unleash Your Power to Heal! Now, I’d like to share with you my personal story about taking prescription drugs. Please remember, I’m not advocating or recommending this for anyone. You should always consult a medical professional when it comes to managing your personal medical conditions. However, I just wanted to share with you the choice I made for myself. My Story It was about two years ago when my doctor tested my lipid profile. She read out my results; total cholesterol 267 (normal range 100 – 199 mg/dl), LDL (low density lipoprotein) 191 (normal range 0 – 99 mg/dl), LDL/HDL ratio 3.3 (normal < 3.2), and kudos to me, HDL (the good one) at 58 (normal >39). beach family I knew my genetic history was bad, but not THAT bad! During the time I was under her care, I’d lost 30 pounds, exercised 6 days a week, did yoga, meditated, stopped eating meat, and dropped dairy products, pasta, sugar and potatoes. My doctor recommended putting me on an anti-cholesterol drug called a “statin.” I filled the prescription and began taking a small dose every day. She ordered lab tests 90 days later which showed an improved profile. However, I didn’t want to keep paying hundreds of dollars a month for the drug. So I asked her to prescribe a generic equivalent called pravastatin. I took this for an additional six months, and then went for my repeat lab test. When my doctor looked at my results, she noticed that they were almost the same as before. She seemed surprised, as did I.  I was taking the medication daily, and living a very healthy lifestyle. We couldn’t figure out why. It was around the same time that I read an investigative report about the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and its relationship to an overseas company that produced generic prescription drugs for world markets. This article can be accessed on CNN Money, and is called Dirty Medicine. The article mentioned the production of contaminated generic prescription drugs that were being shipped from India all over the world. It described how they found evidence of tiny glass particles in some pills. It also talked about the FDA’s slow response in stopping the sales of contaminated drugs like this in America. Anti-cholesterol drugs like pravastatin were among the generics being manufactured there. Apparently, whistle-blowers from inside the company had been trying to inform the FDA since 2005, but to this day, the FDA had done nothing to ban the sale of contaminated products to Americans. It turned out the sale of these generics worldwide is a highly lucrative market to the tune of $242 billion and growing. When I picked up my bottle of pravastatin, all I could think about was this article I’d read. I wondered whether the drug I was taking had contaminants in it. I wondered whether I could even trust what was inside my prescription bottle. That was when I decided to dump the pills into the garbage can, despite my lab tests. I called up my doctor and told her to read the same article. And then I told her I wasn’t going to take another statin drug ever again. The same day I threw away my prescription, I received a new shipment of a concentrated food juice product sold in convenient capsules. This whole-food supplement reduces inflammation and oxidative stress in our bodies; a primary cause of many modern disease states including heart attacks, arthritis and cancer. Once I stopped the generic pravastatin, I noticed that my body went into immediate detoxification. I would wake up aching and stiff, feeling about 10 years older. These symptoms lasted about 10 days, and then suddenly while off my prescription and only on the supplement food capsules, my symptoms stopped and I felt great again. Many doctors would likely tell patients that this isn’t possible, to detox from a prescription such as pravastatin. They draw these conclusions from the limited scientific evidence supported by the very pharmaceutical companies who seek to sell the drugs which these physicians prescribe. But, after speaking with experts in biochemistry and food supplements, they agreed with my personal experience My body had been under the influence of a harmful drug and was withdrawing from it once I stopped. Since then, I’ve chosen to support my body with health practice instead of drug practice. It’s a difficult thing to do, as a physician who was trained to do just the opposite. But this to me is my truth, my authenticity, regardless of what my colleagues or a corrupted medical institution says. This to me is my own wisdom and choice. I will follow it for the rest of my life. I spoke about “A” representing your “Authenticity.” This means living your truth, not someone else’s. Here’s what I consider as “B”… B is for Balance, Being-ness Do you feel that you’re in balance? What does “balance” mean, anyway? We seem to have spun so far out of control, become highly stressed as individuals and as a country that everyone seems to be seeking some way to get back to balance. But often, the harder we try to “balance” ourselves the worse we seem to get! I’ve got a few tips based on my own strung-out life that might help you get back. It’s a great way to learn, especially from someone who was once the General Manager of the Universe, and got fired because she was doing such a poor job of it! Sound familiar? So here goes… #1 Balance Means Giving and Receiving It’s amazing how difficult this one is! You mean I can expect to be nurtured, you say?! I can expect to be taken care of, to be loved and to love? I can quiet my mind, stop pushing and pushing to get ahead, and set my intention for an easy life filled with success, abundance and health?! I never believed this was possible. But, I’m a great student…Type A+ in fact! And so, just as I was trying so hard to push myself onto the Universe, I began to learn how to receive. And by gosh, once I practiced that every day, my life suddenly opened up to whole new possibilities of wealth, health and joy! #2 Balance Means Taking Time to Learn How to Be You Boy, this is a toughy too! How many people really know who they are? How many people really want to know who they are? We struggle most against the one thing that will get rid of our entire struggle! And in today’s world, it’s become so easy to distract ourselves away from who we really are and what we really want, and the stick our noses to the grindstone, sharpening it by working harder and harder for less and less and less. The only way to see if you really like yourself is to sit alone in a room. Don’t let yourself DO anything. Just sit there in silence and stillness. How long will you last before your mind wants to take you away from…well, you? Many people quickly make up an excuse as to why they can’t just sit there in silence. They’ll get up and distract themselves with work, or getting something to eat, or watching TV. They may then go on an emotional roller-coaster ride, and stress out of control. This is a great test because it can show you how comfortable you are with just being you! Most of us actually don’t love who we are. In fact, we often hate who we are. But hating who we are is a total waste of…well, who we are! It’s a waste of our unique talents and gifts that only we have to give the world. And, if we hate who we are, how are we ever going to receive back in wealth, abundance, health and joy? How are we going to live in total love and acceptance of knowing exactly who we are! Take some time to be brutally honest. I mean B-R-U-T-A-L. Are you really that busy, or are you just avoiding a painful issue at hand? Are you afraid to change, or are you addicted to drama? Having the courage to first admit this, and then walk a path to authenticity, accountability and balance, will make sure that you’ll become exactly the person you always wanted to be; in health, career and love! #3 Being-ness Means Authenticity, Accountability We’re back to A, but something interesting happens here. When we take the time to just be ourselves, and live in our truth, we increase the volume on being authentic and accountable – to ourselves! Your ability to truly be who you are and were always meant to be, is determined by your ability to listen to, speak and act on your own truth. Paying attention to authenticity then determines your accountability to only one person; yourself. Your personal accountability is reflected in the way you think, your confidence level, your actions and your ability to give and receive graciously from others. This set up as I’ve just described in this last paragraph, IS your Being-ness! And it is your ability to Be Who You Are, truly, madly and deeply - - that will maintain optimal life balance. The health part - that goes with the territory above. You won’t require the distraction of our society which insists on taking you away from your source of inner health and healing! Sometimes, living and speaking your truth means that you might have to stand alone, forging a path that’s considered “unconventional.” But, in living this way, you also become accountable to learn things for yourself and ask questions instead of accepting what you’ve been told to do without question, even if it comes from authority or institutions. We seem to be living in an era where outside truths have been violated at many levels, and trust has been eroded for self-interest and profit. It is very important now to learn how to take the steps and stand up for your own truth. By living this way, you become accountable to no one else but your own body, mind and spirit. And from that unshakable foundation, you will heal. In Part III, we’ll finish with our ABC’s of how to Unleash Your Power to Heal!   [bctt tweet="Unleash Your Power to Heal, Part 2 via @CHealthSol #health #inspiration #success"] Are you struggling with health challenges? Maybe you just want help navigating sick care to create sustainable, long-term solutions without Band-aid fixes. We guarantee a personalized total health plan that creates the foundation of your life success. Start working with a Certified Personalized Health Strategist™ (Conscious Health Doctor™ ) today! CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE!