by Natasha N. Deonarain, MD, MBA
It was September 2010. That month is inked on my mind. It was the first time in my life when I finally said to the Universe, “I give up! You’re right. I’m not in control - you are!” There were days when I laughed with joy. There were days of regret and anger, frustration and hope, joy and hatred and laughter all rolled into balls of energy that washed through my being. My skin caught on fire and cooled inside the relief of tears shed for a life I knew was quickly fading. And in those moments of fear, as my body and mind began to break from what it so desperately wanted to cling onto, my spirit began to grow strong. And that is when I began to see things about our health care system and the way doctor’s practice, which would lead to me to the path I follow today. hiking It’s a combination of things which we will discover in the end, which help us to become who and what we are. But our minds love to point to one cause. It’s the same with disease and health. We love to say that we are healthy because we took that particular supplement, or didn’t smoke, or saw that doctor as opposed to this one. We love to reduce things into their component parts, and then use those parts to explain the whole. And so this personal start to becoming health conscious is really only a reflection of what’s going on with our entire health care system. We have chosen to separate our mind, body and spirit, and our finances into their component parts. We have chosen to say that one of these cannot possibly contribute to problems in another. And we’ve developed all kinds of technology to help us prove what we so desperately want to believe to be true. In this mad pursuit of wanting to be so right in our belief systems, we’ve encountered a Universe which is now telling us, “No, you are not in control. I am.” All this separation, fragmentation and tearing apart of our bodies, minds and spirits by controlling stakeholders who would profit from keeping us in states of disease and poverty, has kept us away from being able to make a clear choice that is actually in keeping with who we truly are; integrated, multi-dimensional beings. What does my journey to bring? It brings authenticity. It brings truth. My truth. But it also brings fear to me, up close and personal, and my ability to face my own fears, ironically without fear, and decide to make a clear choice for myself. A clear choice as to how I will approach my own health, healing and diseases. A clear choice of how I will live my life before I die; inside the mind-set of a system which until it changes its paradigm of thinking (typically many years away) will only serve to keep me more and more sick. My personal journey has clearly revealed to me that we are coming out of darkness in the way we think about how to help patients find health. And that consciousness has gone even further in clearly articulating to doctors and the entire medical institution that they must begin to look carefully into the mirror and understand who and what they are. We have been trained as disease specialists; in the way we think and the way we act. We begin with the end-stage of disease as the first day of medical school, and then work backward from there to find health. No amount of wishing to control health and disease inside the current set-up of our medical system could ever occur from a belief system well-entrenched on viewing the component parts first as a means to fixing the whole. Health is found first by viewing the integrated whole, a function primarily of the right – and whole-brain. What will your journey be? How will you begin to slowly, gently carefully step away from your own fears, your own paradigms, your own belief systems and see things for what they actually are rather than what you wish them to be? Your time is urgent. Learn how to change now. Seek to thrive. Know where the healing is found. Our time is pushing us to urgency in health care. Systems are falling apart. Doctors, well entrenched in their ways of thinking, still cannot see that what they have been trained as will never lead to optimal health. And so, your health remains with you. Are you willing to do what it takes to find what you’ve been searching for? [bctt tweet="My Personal Journey to #Health Empowerment via @CHealthSol #inspiration #motivation"] Are you struggling with health challenges? Maybe you just want help navigating sick care to create sustainable, long-term solutions without Band-aid fixes. We guarantee a personalized total health plan that creates the foundation of your life success. Start working with a Certified Personalized Health Strategist™ (Conscious Health Doctor™ ) today! CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE!