by Natasha N. Deonarain, MD, MBA
My client decided to stop eating like a vegan and began eating pork, steak and chicken. She explained, once she adopted a position of personal power and choice, how her old beliefs about being vegan had kept her in a sort of mental jail that was actually keeping her body from being healthy. operating system We have created a lot of mythology in medicine about our health that, for many decades has been accepted as truth. Much of this is now breaking down due to the questions we’re asking; what’s really healthful for our minds, bodies and spirits; who’s been telling us to follow those old rules; and what’s been in it for the if we blindly agree? Today, we seem to be moving toward the desire and ability to make individual choices in health regardless of what our doctors are preaching. This profound change is like the operating system on a computer. Similar to my client who changed her choices about whether she wanted to eat meat, we’re finding that we each have the power to install a new operating system that might serve us better for total health. So, just like a computer, here are 3 steps that can help you change to health empowerment: Before we switch to a new system however, it’s helpful to understand what seems to be wrong with our old one. Many people have been taught that doctors take care of our health. But modern medicine, ever since the 1940’s when penicillin was found to cure streptococcal bacteria and save lives, has fixated on chemical cures for decades. The continued pursuit of molecular fixes for disease and now our obsession with gene manipulation continues to pull us further and further away from a much bigger, integrated understanding of how to take care of our health. What we’ve done in this mad pursuit to “prevent” disease such as Alzheimer’s or obesity, is work backwards from the end-stage of disease, thrown billions of dollars in research money at narrowly-focused cures or fixes, and misunderstood something very, very basic: that health is life and not just the absence of disease. Doctors, on the first day you enter their office for a health check-up, begin by searching for diseases. Basically, they’re looking for the absence of disease in your body. But, the answer to total health is actually much simpler and much, much cheaper. What we need to do is learn how to live again without using all this fancy technology and complexity for something so ridiculously simple. If we focus on health as a very conscious and low cost endeavor, without struggling or spending money that we don’t have from living inside the fear of disease, we’ll actually reverse most modern diseases, including Alzheimer’s and obesity, and become much healthier than we are today. It’s a strange paradox that we’ve used as our operating system in American healthcare for some time. We’ve all bought into this belief. Physicians aren’t even aware of how this works, although many are beginning to figure out that there’s something wrong with what they’ve been taught in medical school. They just don’t know how to switch to the new system from where they are. But, the ultimate paradox seems to be this. If we all continue to live by using the old operating system, we continue to get sicker and poorer, as we’re just beginning to find out. Quite obviously, something new is needed. But what? This is where we each have the option to install a new system. Once we’re aware that the old system isn’t working anymore, we can uninstall it and choose to install a new one. We don’t have to continue to accept what the old one has to offer anymore. Our operating systems are based on our adopted beliefs. They are essentially just belief systems and are neither right nor wrong, despite what anyone else says. Beliefs or thoughts can be changed. Since our beliefs are often adopted from the messages we hear all around, a good way to start is to turn off as many of those other messages as possible. Television, internet, radio, print ads, acquaintances, friends, family and yes, even your doctor are all sources of pre-programmed messages that you don’t necessarily have to believe anymore. Let’s use this as an example. Many doctors might believe or act as if health is the absence of disease. They’ve been taught for many years to believe and practice this. But, we have the choice of believing something different. We can believe that our health is our life, regardless of our disease labels. So, if we adopt the belief that our health is our life, and therefore our health represents everything to do with our lives, what would be the next logical question to ask? You guessed it! We need to ask what it is that best supports our life. Once we determine the many different things that support our life – nourishment, body movement, love, joy, happiness, relationships, healthy finances, wealth, a passionate job or career and optimally controlled diseases – we can declare proudly that we’re healthy, regardless of the long “problem list” our doctors have on their medical charts! Running our new program is all about answering that one question. What supports your life? Where do you find joy in moving your body, not exercising? What nourishes your body and gives you pleasure using all five senses, not depriving yourself with diets? A long list of doctor’s orders to get healthy – whether it’s by using natural or synthetic medicine – will not serve you when it comes to conscious healing. So chuck out that “to do” list to prevent disease, and learn about what best supports your life instead! Once you find that old belief systems have becomes stale and worn, you’ll notice how others less conscious are trapped inside those old beliefs, struggling to get out but not knowing how. And that’s when it will be your turn to become the tech guy and show them how to uninstall their old operating systems, install a new one….and watch them enjoy conscious, integrated health for the rest of their lives! [bctt tweet="Install a New Operating System and Find Total #Health for #Life! via @CHealthSol"] Are you struggling with health challenges? Maybe you just want help navigating sick care to create sustainable, long-term solutions without Band-aid fixes. 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