by Natasha N. Deonarain, MD, MBA
We’re all struggling to get healthy. In fact, we’re desperate these days. What happened to us? Well, one of the biggest problems lies in how doctors were taught to deliver health care. We weren’t. We were taught to diagnose and prescribe. The other big problem we failed to clearly understand is a simple equation about health. It goes like this:

Health = Life

Unfortunately, doctors were taught to believe this:

Health = The Absence of Disease

Since doctors were taught that health is the absence of disease and to give you a prescription or a list of things to do after they found a disease or problem in your body, mind or emotional state, you also began to believe that the best path to find optimal health is to go to a doctor, get a check-up and make sure that you’ve got no disease going on. Then you were told you can feel better because you’ve been declared healthy! strategy chalkboard What I’ve just described here is known as “Prescriptive Medicine.” It’s the way things are in medicine today. It’s the way doctors have been taught and the way our American healthcare system currently operates. The problem with practicing prescriptive medicine is it tries to help you find health by starting in the wrong place! That’s like trying to run the Boston Marathon by beginning in Los Angeles. You’re probably not going to get to the finish line that same day. To say it a little differently, doctors begin with problems first, even if you’re healthy. They don’t begin with the outcome you (or they) desire first. They don’t begin with “your life” as a starting point in their approach to your health. Let’s examine this a little bit further. This may come as a shock, but even naturopaths and integrative medicine doctors begin in the wrong place to help you find optimal health. They ask you about your problems or symptoms, and then provide you with a list of treatments for those specific problems or symptoms. You still end up with a list of “Things to Do” to get healthy; they just happen to be more natural instead of synthetic. Again, you begin with a problem first to find solutions. The problem is this. This more problems are found, the longer the list becomes. There’s actually nothing wrong with the “Prescriptive Medicine” approach. But, it’s like sailing a ship from inside the hull instead of being up there on deck with the Captain. You don’t really know where you’re going, but darn-it-all, you’re working really hard to get there! I’d like to share with you something I’ve called “Strategic Health™.” Strategic health is the future that most Americans don’t know about. Strategic health will come about after we Americans have burned through our new fascination with ancient, integrative medicine. We’re going to find out that a list of things to do still doesn’t work to keep us in optimal health for life, mostly because we began in the wrong place. We began with the problem first. We just switched our prescribing habits from synthetic to natural treatments. A better way to find optimal health for life is to develop a customized big picture plan for life. This is a life plan or life strategy. Since health equals life, it makes sense that your Personal Health Strategy™ will give you a clear and simple roadmap of the path to take for your health and life simultaneously! You won’t need a list of Things to Do, because your strategy doesn’t begin with the disease problems first and then prescribes solutions for each problem. Your strategy is a vision of your best self; a journey to live and love in optimal health. So let’s see how you can begin to develop your own Personal Health Strategy™. Here are 3 tips on how to go about that. #1: Begin in the right place First, understand that your health equals your life. Period. Your health is not the absence of a list of diseases that doctors can label you with. Your health represents all aspects of your life. #2: Use 5 Components of Total Health as a guide to get the outcome you want Your health is made up of at least your physical, emotional, cognitive, spiritual and financial states. Many doctors might disagree with this statement. However, our recent economic stress has impacted many people in terms of their physical health, possibly leading to diagnosable diseases such as hypertension, heart disease, obesity, and other stress-related disorders. It’s important to include financial health in your health equation. #3: Align your biggest goals for your life with your integrated health challenges When you decide what it is you most want for your life – your passion, career, relationships and wealth – and you align the 5 Components of Total Health™ with what you want, examining the root cause of what’s been stopping you from getting what you most want, you will be able to create a big picture Personal Health Strategy™. By definition, a Personal Health Strategy™ is an integrated health plan that serves as the foundation of health for the rest of your life. If you follow steps 1 – 3, you will absolutely get there! The great news is this: by using your Personal Health Strategy™, you’ll never have to look at an endless list of “Things to Do” to get healthy again! You’ll be able to put into place a customized big-picture plan which, when guided by an expert Certified Personal Health Strategist™ and a Health Conscious Team™, will lead to your most desired outcome of total, integrated, optimal health, every time! Everything in life is health. Our health is our life. These are irrefutable and conclusive statements, but we don’t seem to understand this yet as doctors practicing inside a medical profession that’s supposed to deliver health care. We simply cannot separate any aspect of our life from our bodies, minds, spirits and wealth, and call ourselves healthy. So your best bet at this time is to change your mindset from “Prescriptive Medicine” to “Strategic Health”, grab your favorite Certified Personal Health Strategist as your guiding light, and learn how to profoundly change to health….for life! 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