by Natasha N. Deonarain, MD, MBA
Why is our healthcare system so focused on disease? Let’s take a closer look at how this came about. Book Cover Let’s say, for example, you’re healthy. So you go into your doctor’s office for a checkup, as confirmation. Your doctor sends you for a bunch of tests to screen for disease. Are you seeing the irony? He is looking for disease to determine whether you are healthy. He doesn’t intend to find disease and really does want you to be healthy, but he’s been trained to search for, find, and destroy disease. And further, unless he finds it, he won’t get paid by the health insurance company that’s told him he must find an illness in order to get paid. And so, more likely than not, your doctor will find an illness of some sort to diagnose, and he may send you home with a bag full of pills or a list of tests to be performed. The thing is, it’s not that hard to find something wrong with you these days. If you’ve got nothing physical wrong with you, you’re probably stressed and anxious about healthcare and how you’re going to pay for disease if you should get sick, about the future of our country, about the world you’re leaving behind for your kids or your relatives’ kids, or perhaps about your job. That stressed out condition is ICD-10 Code 308.0: Stress Reaction, Emotional. Making this diagnosis, as opposed to making no diagnosis at all (or, better still, a diagnosis of health), means your doctor can submit your bill and receive some sort of payment from your health insurance company. Please understand, your doctor is not lying about your medical condition. This is just the way doctors must act under the framework of our present healthcare system. How can we “get out” of the mind-set of a sick care system, and create a new reality for ourselves? Here are 7 Principles of Health that you can follow and embark on your own Health Empowerment Journey™ to reverse or correct disease and live in abundant health. PRINCIPLE 1: Be Present The first principle advises us to become centered. In today’s highly distractible world where messaging or scripting is constant, we are advised simply to stop. To truly begin to find health, we must learn how to Be Present in this moment — right here and right now. PRINCIPLE 2: Become Aware The second principle is Become Aware. Become aware of what? We need to Become Aware of another paradigm in healthcare, one that’s rooted in fear. We must Become Aware of how this message system serves to keep us distracted, disempowered, and as victims within the context of our medical system. A message system of fear that promotes victimization will lead only to attempts to counteract the fear and victimization, which will, in turn, lead to more disease. PRINCIPLE 3: Be Health™ Principle 3 is Be Health. When viewing the concept of wellness from a new paradigm, we learn that in order to become health, we must start by realizing that we are health right now. It doesn’t matter what diseases doctors have labeled us with. PRINCIPLE 4: Reawaken Curiosity We have forgotten how to be curious about our health. We need to reignite that curiosity. There is no end to our learning in every aspect of our lives, including our health. On our journey to health, we must reawaken our natural sense of inquisitiveness, as it is the very spice of life — and also our path to a healthful one. PRINCIPLE 5: Channel Creativity Health providers who are passionate about healing are not necessarily doctors. They are not the folks who will screen you for cancer or high blood pressure. Align yourself with your own personal health network, a Conscious Health Team™ of expert practitioners (not necessarily doctors) who will help us maintain health. PRINCIPLE 6: Grow and Renew One of the natural laws is the law of growth and renewal. We live on a constantly changing planet and exist within a dynamic universe. As humans, we are also constantly changing, from the moment we’re born till the moment we die. In order to find health, we must align ourselves with a different paradigm, one that is also integrated and dynamic. PRINCIPLE 7: Heal, Change, and Thrive By following the Principles 1 through 6, we have the capacity to Heal, Change, and Thrive. Our goal as humans should be more than mere survival. We want to live great lives. We want to experience such happiness that we glow every day. We want to love the people who surround us and cherish every moment of every day. We want to thrive. This should be our ultimate health goal! After learning these 7 Principles of Health, you will come to realize that you now have a choice. You will walk away with the power to make your own health decisions. You will have the ability to choose to regain your personal power and begin to stand up against a system that wants to keep you ill for its own purposes and profits. You will be able to do this, no matter where your starting point is — disease or no disease — it doesn’t matter. In the end, you will become health conscious for the rest of your life! [bctt tweet="7 Principles of #Health That Help You Transform Your Life! via @CHealthSol #inspiration #motivation"] Are you struggling with health challenges? Maybe you just want help navigating sick care to create sustainable, long-term solutions without Band-aid fixes. We guarantee a personalized total health plan that creates the foundation of your life success. Start working with a Certified Personalized Health Strategist™ (Conscious Health Doctor™ ) today! CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE!