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To help show why you need personalized solutions when it comes to your health, we've got to talk about how our current healthcare system (Sick Care) keeps you as just another faceless number rather than provide you with what you really need.

Let's start with your medical doctor. He or she's burned out from working long hours to see as many patients as possible. You end up on the short side of a 7 minute doctor visit. Most of the time, you end up with the physician assistant because your doctor is too busy to care for you. Since your doctor is burning out and way too busy, you receive a one-size-fits-all, quick fix treatment option! Typically, that treatment is a cookbook guideline that leads to prescription medications, surgeries and more healthcare costs.

There's no time for you or your doctor to develop a long - term, trusting relationship. Often, your unique needs paired with customized health solutions are thrown out the window. You become another statistic of a broken medical system. We just don't believe that you were born to be a number on someone's graph.

That's why your health is so personal.

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Think about a professional athlete that's at peak performance.

She's highly skilled. She's extremely talented. She dominates all the competition. She was born to succeed. But you know she didn't get there overnight. She practiced every day. She took the time to discover her natural talents. But she also worked hard to align those talents with a deep understanding of her sport so that she eventually possessed the skills she needed to be a success.

Total health is a skill. It's a natural talent that you were born with. But, because of our Sick Care system, your talent to heal has remained underdeveloped. You've been led to believe that you need to depend heavily on health insurance plans, pharmaceutical companies, doctors, hospitals, medications, surgeries and all types of expensive treatments rather than your own innate capacity.

So imagine you are this professional athlete, before she became famous. Will you decide to learn from a burned-out coach who's got a one-size-fits-all solution for you? Or, will you find the best of the best expert who'll help turn you into the elite star you were born to be?


We live in tragic times. Many people today choose jobs based on the health insurance benefits, instead of how much they enjoy that type of work. Many employers hire people based on how much they'll cost employer-based health insurance plans, rather than that person's talents and skills as key contributions to the company. And so, our country's Sick Care system has not only cheated people out of their health, but also out of their right to enjoy productive lives.

Imagine if, in the example above, our star athlete were to say to herself, "I could never play that sport because I won't get the best health insurance benefits!" Would she ever become what she is today?

When you take the time to invest in a deeper understanding of yourself, not just your true ability to heal, everything else in your life falls into place. Your health becomes aligned with the principles of long-term quality, not short-term quick fix. You have the courage to pursue work that uses your best gifts for the world and you to enjoy. You attract the right opportunities. Your income grows because you have energy and confidence. You replace the fear of not having health insurance benefits with the clear understanding that you're less likely to suffer from diseases because you've built a foundation of health. It's the same way our professional athlete had diligently practiced her sport - every day.

So then, your perspective changes. You clearly understand that total health means every aspect of your life is affected by everything you choose to do or not do. And when you choose to do the right things for you, not health insurance or pharmaceutical companies, or even doctors trained in Sick Care, life takes on a whole new meaning! This is the total health guarantee that makes you the star of your own life!


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