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Growth is about abundance. Without the tools to create abundance - food, energy, water, air and health - you cannot create financial abundance in your life.

Financial abundance enables you to support the tools that create abundance. When you adopt the mindset of a Sick Care system, you're taught that scarcity is the name of the game. Resources are "scarce" to treat you, and therefore you must pay - a lot of money each year to outside parties - who then tell you they will provide you with the tools to grow healthy.

Strangely, each year, the costs to help you grow healthy keep increasing because supposedly the resources are scarce. And, what's even more strange, more and more people fall prey to obesity, sickness, diseases and disability. The rates of many, many diseases and mental disorders have risen exponentially during the time that you were taught the resources for health were "scarce." What you've just read is called scarcity mindset. It's not really that the tools you need to create abundance - be it health or wealth - are scarce. It's that you've been taught to believe that they are. And so, inside this belief system, you're more willing to pay others because you're afraid of getting sicker.

The ultimate paradox comes after the profits have been made and posted on Wall Street. Now, you're at risk of getting sicker and sicker because you're going more broke each year. You're paying to support someone else's rapidly growing "healthcare" company instead of using your income to support the tools you need to create total health - a personal state of true physical, emotional and financial abundance!

You're invited now to learn how to operate from a different mindset if you really want to grow. This is called abundance mindset. You already have all that abundance mindset takes - the inner talents and skills to create optimal health. Once you know how to achieve and continue to practice health, you'll be able to use this newfound energy, clarity, happiness and fitness to direct you to more opportunities. Opportunity leads to increased income and more financial rewards. Increase income leads to your ability to continue investing in the personal tools you need to create real abundance in your life.

At Conscious Health Solutions, we don't let anyone who thinks they're "healthcare" players tell you any different! Because we believe growth is the nature of our universe.

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Now that you've seen a new path, new possibilities and a better outcome for you and your family based on total health, you need to be supported by lifelong, loving networks. What you've accomplished in your personal Health Empowerment Journey™ is no small feat! You can be very proud of yourself. And, you can use your accomplishments to inspire others to transform too.

This is the part where you get to tell your story!

By sharing your experiences and knowledge, you gain the opportunity to help others. Yes! Because you've done this, you are the expert in total health. You know what it takes to get here. Our core message is and always has been this: when you feel good, the world is a much better place. When the world is a better place, we all experience true abundance in every aspect of our lives.

By taking this first step to optimize your health, you tap into the power of transforming the world. Now, what's better than that?


Most of us think in terms of our individual lives, careers, savings and investments, goals or achievements. But what about the people who helped you get each of these things? When it comes to supporting you in total health, you'll need to develop a team. The better your team is, the better you can expect your health to become.

First, it's best that you find the most qualified CEO out there. Who would you choose? Of course! You'd choose yourself for this position. After all you are the Chief Empowered Officer of your own health. You are fully qualified to make all final decisions. And with increased awareness and understanding of who's been leading you further away from total health, you'll be able to get rid of them quick and make good decisions to replace them with team members who act in your best interest.

Your healthcare team aren't the only ones on your personal team. What about your family? Who's there to support your growth? What about your coworkers? Your boss? Those in your faith or activity-based communities? Growing a team requires the skills to make good decisions to select the best attitudes and talents that contribute to long-term success in your life. This means consciously being around people who raise you up, add to your happiness, support the things you'd like to accomplish and provide you with the most correct expert advice.

Conscious Health Solutions offers many ways you can add Conscious Health Experts to your personal team by contacting us directly or visiting us on social media. Our experts come from many diverse backgrounds. Why? Well, you know that total health represents everything that supports or takes away from your life. So that means everyone who does anything out there has the potential to support or take away from your health! Choosing only the best people to surround yourself with as valued team members only serves to bring your total health to much higher level. Isn't this truly what growth is all about?


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