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When we trust someone, we say that we rely on their integrity, skills or dependability, among many other characteristics. Strangely, we don't often think of the relationship we have with all parts of our current healthcare system such as doctors, pharmaceutical companies, health insurance plans and the government. Worse yet, we don't often think of the damage that can occur to our personal health if the trust we've relied upon all this time inside that healthcare relationship has been violated.

Can you trust a broken healthcare system to provide you with optimal, lifetime health? Can you trust the experts trained in quick - fix and short - term solutions, and one-size-fits-all treatments to really know what you need to create an awesome life built on sustainable health? When profit and propaganda have woven themselves between you and the trust you must rely upon to help your sickness and suffering, what do you believe will be your fate?

Trust in helping you heal is so very important. That's why it's time for you to learn about who's broken your trust in the most significant relationship you've got. With that awareness, you give yourself the power to choose better.

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When you stop being just another number of a massively expensive healthcare system, you learn the value and power of trust in relationships. Medicine may have the ability to fix you up quick. But, strong relationships have the enduring power to heal. That's our bottom line and our lifetime guarantee.

So, let's ask this all important question. If your doctor is burned - out, sick, under pressure, struggling financially or too stressed working inside a Sick Care system, how will he or she be able to bring to your health relationship the positivity, peace, strength, endurance, love and happiness that's required to support you on your own personal health journey?

Being a caregiver requires that you care for yourself first to be strong enough to give the care that's needed. Sick Care has destroyed relationships at all levels. It's broken trust in exchange for short - term profits on Wall Street. This is the damage to your health that's getting worse each year.

With our Personal Health Empowerment Education™ programs and subscriptions, and our amazing teams of Conscious Health Doctors and Conscious Health Practitioners, we give back what a Sick Care system has taken from all of us - the power to heal with strong community and professional ties.


We've been told for the most part to believe that our health is a physical and emotional experience. Somehow, we haven't connected the simple fact that our health is everything. Our total health is built upon our attitudes, relationships and interactions, state of happiness and contentment and financial status. If all parts of your life aren't functioning at full capacity every day, your total health is compromised.

Maybe you go to your doctor. He runs a bunch of lab tests. He tells you that nothing's wrong because all those lab tests are fine.

You tell him that something's still wrong. He repeats all those tests and charges you more. He still finds nothing "wrong." Then, he concludes that it's all in your head. But if you're not functioning at full capacity, and you're not getting any help, how is this affecting everyone else in your life who's relying on you to provide them with life?

Maybe you think that total health is a luxury right now. You're struggling to put food on the table by working long hours. How sustainable is your solution? What will happen to your loved ones when one part of your health takes you down, and you can't work to put food on the table anymore?

You need correct answers and you need them now. You need a perspective from experts that teaches you to understand the damage being done to your body, mind and spirit by small thinkers. Because there are people you love who depend on you. And you need to be there at full capacity - body, mind, emotions, spirit and finances - for the long haul.


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