What does the word "empower" mean?

em·pow·er* transitive verb \im-ˈpau̇(-ə)r\ : to give power to (someone), to give official authority or legal power to (someone)

America’s healthcare system is built on a disempowering principle. You as a patient have been taught to believe that authority for health must be given to a doctor.  This encounter is sometimes fraught with fear and frustration as you wait for the results of tests to determine if you have a disease or not. We also call you a patient. The word "patient" means means “to suffer.” Our healthcare system has taught you to believe that you are suffering when you come to a doctor’s office, even when you’re there for a health check-up. Who Are We? At Conscious Health Solutions, we’ve rejected a few words, like the word patient. We’ve also rejected the idea that our doctors should search and label you with the names of many different diseases. In fact, we’ve rejected the word doctor. We call our specially trained doctors Certified Personal Health Strategists™. Our Conscious Health Teams™ understand that if you're searching for abundance, happiness, health and energy, we have to start helping you on Day 1 in a different way other than managing your diseases. We can no longer do what everyone else is doing: force you to believe that you can be separated into many different systems, pieces or parts of the body, and then fixed, cured or treated. We prefer to give you back your power to heal. So we begin creating health on Day 1. As we journey to health together, we give you all the tools for health that you need to make conscious choices for nourishment, body movement, wealth, career, community and life.  Your frustrations and disempowerment with a sick care medical system go away. At Conscious Health Solutions, we have our eyes set on your biggest vision. And, we help align your integrated health challenges with your biggest vision. We help you make it happen through health empowerment. You control your destiny with Conscious Health Solutions. You have the power to decide. And we have the courage to believe in you. We want you to Be Conscious. Be Health™. For life. *Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary Online.