Our clients come from diverse backgrounds. Many have been challenged by our sick care system. Many have tried to visit doctors only to find they’ve been put on an endless “spin-cycle” of pills, treatments, tests and procedures. And they didn't find the answers they were looking for. Many get so frustrated with not being able to find total health for life; they give up and live in fear, afraid to go to doctors to get the same disempowering story. Or, they don't tell their doctor what they've done to change their lives. Today, many of our clients suffer from: We'd like to show you why this is happening. This picture shows the "vacuum suck of sick care." When you go to a doctor's office, you will enter a system that has a default setting of making you more sick and broke. Eventually, as you get sucked up the sick system, you end up sicker with more diagnosis, spending more and eventually you may die because of the system. It is not a healing system. Slide1 At Conscious Health Solutions, we understand the word “you” isn’t in the medical system. Neither is the word “empowered.” So we’ve decided to put those words back into your healthcare. You are the C.E.O. (Chief Empowered Optimist) of  your own health and life. We are here to serve you. Our goal is to work with C.E.O.'s who are committed to themselves. Our C.E.O.’s are so committed, they inspire us to help guide, navigate and co-create their lives! We know where you want to be in terms of your integrated health and life. When we help you, we: In other words, we heal. Together.